Next-Gen Ranger Raptor

Next-Gen Ford Ranger Raptor

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Get to know Next-Gen Ranger Raptor

Inspired by desert racing, loaded with Performance DNA and almost twice as quick as its predecessor. Get ready to break the peace.


  • Front Locking Diff

    New Ranger Raptor takes design to 11 with its flared wheel arches, C-clamp Matrix LED headlamps and bold F-O-R-D grille. Functional vents, aero features, and tough, cast aluminum side steps enhance the bold signature look. This is what a high-performance off-roader looks like.

    Front Locking Diff
  • Enhance Your Visibility

    From the large center display, choose from multiple camera views to see more than ever. This includes a bird’s eye 360- degree top-down view, 180- degree front off-road view, and rear trailer hitch view.

    Enhance Your Visibility
  • New Braking with Electronic Booster

    Thin Bridge twin piston calipers, front and rear vented discs with an entirely new ABS and stability control system give you next level confidence in off road braking and handling.

  • Selectable Exhaust Modes

    Control that Ranger Raptor rumble. Choose from Quiet, Normal, Sport or Baja exhaust modes. Select your own exhaust note and store your preferences with the My Mode button.

    Selectable Exhaust Modes


  • Absolute Black

    Absolute Black
  • Alluminium Metallic

    Alluminium Metallic
  • Arctic White

    Arctic White
  • Code Orange

    Code Orange
  • Conquer

  • Sedona Orange

    Sedona Orange
  • Absolute Black
  • Alluminium Metallic
  • Arctic White
  • Code Orange
  • Conquer
  • Sedona Orange



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